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Search optimized web sites for contractors

Interstellar Data provides web design, marketing, web site management and search engine optimization for contractors and construction companies. We create a valuable sales tool for your company by producing a web site portfolio of your best work. We optimize the site for relevant searches, geo-targeted at your local area.

Web site for Los Angeles Contractor

Nexxus Remodeling

We produced a new web site for an Angie's List top-ranked construction company, Nexxus Remodeling, Inc. We photographed finished work, designed the web site and created the portfolio content. The content impresses viewers and ranks well with search engines.

Web site for Los Angeles Concrete Contractor

A Pete's Concrete

We produced a low budget web site for a concrete contractor in Inglewood, California. We designed a new logo and a simple but effective web site. Viewers of the web site trust the company.

Painting Contractor Web Site - La Crescenta, California

House Painting Inc.

House Painting Inc. of La Crescenta, California, commissioned a search engine optimized web site with geo-targeted portfolio pages, photo editing and owner updateable blog.

The web site is the public face of one of the largest residential painting companies in Los Angeles.

Roofing Contractor Web Site - Carson, California

Navarro Roofing

Navarro Roofing of Carson, California, engages us on an ongoing basis to produce their portfolio site of high end roofing applications. The web site showcases photographs of finished roofs and roofers at work on job sites around Los Angeles. The site is optimized for high returns for roofing-related searches and is geo-targeted to the L.A. area..

Roofing Contractor Web Site - Carson, California

Avel Roll Off

Avel Roll Off of Gardena, California, hired us to create an inexpensive company site. As sales leads and jobs came in over the years, the owner has continued to invest in his web presence. The site has grown to include more information about specialty services.

Roofing Contractor Web Site - Eagle Rock, California

ANR Roofing

ANR Roofing of Los Angeles, California, picked us to design their web site. Despite a limited budget, the web site compares favorably to those of much larger and well financed competitors. Although brand new and not fully optimized for natural search, the site ranks number one for searches in the company's local L.A. neighborhood, Eagle Rock, and receives top placement on Google's local, mapped results for searches of "Los Angeles Roofing".

Three Steps to Success for Contractors' Web Sites

1. Showcase your best work with high quality photography. Potential clients want to see beautifully finished jobs and clear details before trusting you to work on their site. If you show them blurry, amateurish pictures, they will believe your work is of similar quality.

2. Target your local area by adding content that includes the geographic location of potential clients in your area. If coded correctly by the developer, this information will pull local internet users to your site.

3. Promote your company for free by placing your web site address on your advertisements, business cards, brochures, all printed material, your trucks and signs. Use your company email and all correspondents will be automatically reminded of your website name.

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