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Ten Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Web Site

1. Irreversible Trend - Everyday more people use the internet to locate businesses that provide goods and services in their area. Web sites are becoming more important to the success of all businesses.

2. Five Page Yellow Pages Ad - Web sites extend the reach of your yellow pages ad. If a potential client finds your web address in a yellow pages ad, they will have access to multiple pages of colorful, dynamic imagery and information. Your message will not be limited to three square inches in yellow and black.

3. Stand Out from the Crowd - A yellow pages ad with an internet address automatically stands out regardless of size. An internet savvy customer will differentiate your company from your competition. If among fifty listed companies three have web sites, that customer can select from a manageable list of vendors.

4. Yellow pages - $1500 once a month. Web site - $1500 once.

5. Never Closed - Your web site is open 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays included. People can research your products and services when their schedule permits.

6. International Business - Your site will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

7. Anonymous Search - People often prefer to look at a web site before they call. The anonymity of the internet allows buyers to shop discreetly before engaging a live person. If your web site is successful, the sale will be made before they call.

8. Make a Good First Impression - A well-designed site will help you win customers. Customers will recognize your brand, understand your products and services, and trust you to sell them what they want. If you are smart enough to produce a quality web site, you can be trusted to do quality work.

9. Keep Them Happy - Informed customers are happy customers. Publish everything your customers need on your web site. Provide company information, sales brochures, contact numbers, everything. Make it easy for your customers to get the information they need.

10. Save Time and Money - You don't need to waste your time answering simple questions. Put that information on your site and less people will need to ask. Save your energy for closing the deal when your customers are ready to buy.

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